Secret on How to Stop The Bullying - Lost Judgment Choices

Lost Judgement is full of choices that you will need to make during the course of the game, and one of these is How to Stop the Bullying. You will be presented with three possible replies here: “The bullying footage solves everything.”, “The onlookers are the problem.”, and “The victim should speak up.” Only one of these is the right answer and will progress the story further. To help you select the correct one right from the start, our Secret on How to Stop The Bullying – Lost Judgment Choices guide will tell you which of these dialogue choices you should select, and what will happen if you choose the other two.

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Secret on How to Stop The Bullying - Lost Judgment Choices

Which is the Correct Choice in How to Stop The Bullying Lost Judgement

This mission will take you to the Chairman’s Office on the 3rd floor. Once you get here, you will have a conversation with teacher Yoko Sawa and the Chairman himself. All of you will watch a video of a girl getting bullied at school. After that, you will need to decide what is the best course of action here. Like we previously mentioned, there are three choices here. If you select “The bullying footage solves everything.” option, the suggestion here is to leak the footage online. Of course, this isn’t the right call, since it would only cause further problems.

The second option is “The victim should speak up.” The problem with this choice is that it hinges on the bullying victim to come forward, and that would put the victim, Koda-san, in an even tougher spot. The third and final selection is “The onlookers are the problem.” In this option, Yagami will come to the conclusion that they need to affect the rest of the class so that the bullying will stop. This is the correct option that you should pick. But even if you don’t, there’s no need to worry – wrong choices won’t lock you out of content, and you can keep on guessing without any penalties until you select the correct choice.

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