Get Coruscant Rooftops Force Tear SW Jedi Survivor

Not sure how to get the first Force Tear on the Coruscant Rooftops in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? We’ve got you covered! The new adventures of Cal Kestis are here, and players familiar with the previous game will find that they share many mechanics with the original. And if you are a completionist like I am, you will want to get every single chest, databank, treasure, and Force Tear. In this guide, we explain how to reach Force Tear on the Coruscant Rooftops.

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Get Coruscant Rooftops Force Tear SW Jedi Survivor
Get Coruscant Rooftops Force Tear Star Wars Jedi Survivor Guide

How to Get to the Force Tear in Coruscant Rooftops Star Wars Jedi Survivor

One of the new types of collectables in Star Wars Jedi Survivor are the so-called Force Tears. These bubbles of force are essentially special challenges. They confront you with particularly strong enemies. And if you beat them, you get rewards – precious skill points! However, how to reach the first one at the Coruscant Rooftops? The answer is fairly simple – you can’t reach it the first time you’re there. That’s because you will not be able to open that door until later in the story.

WARNING: MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD! In order to unlock the door leading to the Force Tear at the Coruscant Rooftops, you will need to learn the Lift and Slam Force abilities. You’ll learn this During the mission “Rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk”. At one point, you’ll encounter Rayvis in a giant ship, and shortly after that, the unpleasant situation with two shielded turrets will trigger Cal’s flashback. And there, you will learn the Lift and Slam Force abilities. The next time you’re on the Coruscant Rooftops, head back to that door and use this new ability to open the door. Enter inside, and collect the Force Tear. And that’s it!

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