SW Jedi Survivor Water Ramp in Coruscant Undercity

A lot of people have trouble getting up the Coruscant Undercity water ramp in SW Jedi Survivor (or water slide, or wet ramp). It seems like you should be able to Jedi your way to the top, but no matter what you do, you end up at the bottom. What’s going on? are you missing something? Let’s find out!

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sw jedi survivor water ramp in coruscant undercity
SW Jedi Survivor Water Ramp in Coruscant Undercity

How to Get Up the Water Ramp in SW Jedi Survivor Coruscant Undercity

To get up the water ramp or wet ramp or water slide or whatever in Coruscant Undercity in SW Jedi Survivor, you need to do some acrobatics. No, not on the slide itself; whatever you try there, you’ll slide straight back to the bottom. Instead, go to the right of the platform. You’ll see a wall made of metal on your right, and a metal grid above exposed piping in front. Catching on? You have to make Cal jump onto the wall on the right, run along it, then jump and grab onto the metal grid. Climb to the top and be on your way. Make sure to give yourself enough of a running start. It might take a few tries, but you’ll clear it with a little practice.

So, that’s how you get up the water slide or wet ramp in the SW Jedi Survivor Coruscant Undercity. It’s not the most difficult of puzzles, but it seems a bunch of people are getting stuck there. Then again, the jump onto the metal grid is a bit finicky. Timing is important, and you might need to do a double jump to reach. That’s why I said it could take a little while to get right. By the way, after you do manage to clamber to the top, the next step is to look above and rappel up. That’s all for this one. Feel free to check our other Star Wars Jedi Survivor guides, like Install Latest Patch to Proceed, Can’t Get to Koboh and Stuck on Loading Screen Fix.

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