How to Get Emotes in Outriders

Outriders emotes and how to get them has been one of many subjects of discussion among the impatient player base. After all, in games like these, emotes are a way to express yourself, and even flex on other people that might not have unlocked them yet. It’s still early in the game’s life, of course; we’re still in the demo stage at the time of writing. However, players are already obtaining emotes, and people are wondering how to acquire emotes, and where to find them in the menu. We’ll be answering both questions in our How to Get Emotes in Outriders guide.

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how to get emotes in outriders
How to Get Emotes in Outriders

Outriders Emotes – How to Get

There are several ways to get emotes in Outriders. The most constant and reliable source will be completing specific Accolades in the game. These are a part of the achievement system in the game, and they reward you for performing specific tasks. These range from Combat and Progression Accolades, across Hunt and Teamwork, down to Item Management and class-specific stuff. If the wiki is to be believed, there are literally thousands of Accolades in the game, so there will be no shortage of rewards.

Those of you that are Square Enix Members should also receive the “Slick and Smooth” in-game emote. It seems that it’ll only pop after the full game is out, though. I might be wrong about that one, so let me know in the comments. There was even a chance last year to connect your Twitch and Square Enix account and watch a stream for at least ten minutes. Those of you that did that will get a unique emote upon purchasing the full game.

So, that’s how you get emotes in Outriders, in brief. If you’re wondering where to find your emotes, such as the Russian dance and whatever you’d call this, they are in your Customization menu, under the Emotes tab. It’s the same place where you can find and alter your flag. you can see where they are in the image below.

outriders how to find emotes
The emotes are in the Customization menu
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