How to Uncap Outriders Frame Rate 30 FPS

The Outriders demo is capped to 30 FPS, and that has caused some commotion among the players, with many wondering if they can get rid of the limitation. This is understandable, considering that those with more powerful rigs and new-gen consoles want to get their money’s worth. Plus, combined with the motion blur, things can get a little vom-inducing. The developers have responded to the situation, and you might not like what they have to say. Keep reading our How to Uncap Outriders Frame Rate 30 FPS guide to find out what’s going on.

how to uncap outriders frame rate 30 fps
How to Uncap Outriders Frame Rate 30 FPS

Outriders Frame Rate How to Uncap 30 FPS

Unfortunately, there is no option to uncap the Outriders 30 FPS frame rate at the time of writing this article. So, that’s just what you’ll be stuck with for the demo, as far as I can tell. The developers have made a statement on the matter on Twitter, saying: “This is something we will have resolved for the main game. We will see what is feasible for the demo.” So, once the full game is out, there will probably be an option to uncap the frame rate. As for the demo, well, that remains to be seen, if I understand the tweet correctly.

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Needless to say, this has caused further annoyance in the player base. Combine it with the whole motion blur ordeal, and things get real hairy. But, well, that’s just how things go with these early peeks into any game. Have faith in the developers; they’ll sort things out by launch to the best of their abilities.

So, that’s the “sad truth” about uncapping the 30 FPS frame rate in the Outriders demo. Don’t worry, we’ll update this guide as soon as more info comes out, so let’s put a pin in it for now. If you’re having problems with something else, then we’ve got several guides you might find useful. Specifically, we’ve written Outriders Cross Save, How to Enable Crossplay, and Where to Find Outriders Demo on PS4 & PS5. There’s more coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned.

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