Get FFXIV Immutable Solution

You need to know where to find and how to get Immutable Solution in FFXIV if you want to craft certain items, like Hannish Fiber. Unfortunately, the solution doesn’t drop from enemies or quests or chests or anything like that. No, you have to buy it from one specific merchant, and at a hefty price. Let’s break it down, shall we?

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get ffxiv immutable solution
Get FFXIV Immutable Solution

Where to Find Immutable Solution in FFXIV

To find and get the Immutable Solution in FFXIV, you need to find the vendor that sells it. Yes, it’s one of those materials that you have to purchase, rather than earn through quests and activities and whatnot. So, the first order of business to play through the main quests until you unlock access to Radz-at-Han as a social hub. It’s one of the most important cities in Thavnair, and the game will take you to it eventually as you complete the main scenario. Once you can go in and out of Radz-at-Han, head to the East Balshahn Bazaar area, specifically coordinates X: 11.5, Y: 9.5. There, you’ll find a vendor called Scrip Exchange. In their menu, select Crafters’ Scrip as the category and Purple Scrip Exchange as the subcategory. Voila, there’s the Immutable Solution, costing an eye-watering 125 Purple Scrip.

So, there you have it, that’s where you find and get the Immutable Solution in FFXIV. Well, you can also purchase it from the Market Board, but be advised, the prices people are charging are pretty steep at time of writing. On the bright side, the Scrip Exchange is close to the Radz-at-Han Aetheryte Plaza, which is neat. Also, there’s another vendor next door called Collectible Appraiser. They let you trade collectibles for Scrip, and that includes Purple Scrip. So, if you need to top up on that particular currency in order to obtain more of the Immutable Solution, you can do so without traveling far. As long as you have collectibles to trade, of course.

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