Get FFXIV Vinegaroon Mount

If you want to know how to get the FFXIV Vinegaroon mount in Patch 6.1, we’ve got your back. The process is long and arduous; you’ll have to complete a number of different quests and numerous hunts in order to finally get the Vinegaroon Horn. Using this consumable unlocks the ability to summon Vinegaroon. We’ll walk you through the whole thing in this guide, so let’s begin.

get ffxiv vinegaroon mount
Get FFXIV Vinegaroon Mount

How to Get FFXIV Vinegaroon Mount in Patch 6.1

To get the Vinegaroon mount in FFXIV Patch 6.1, you need to purchase and consume a Vinegaroon Horn. Sadly, this is easier said than done. Before you can get your hands on the item required to summon the new mount with the silly name, you’re gonna have to jump through numerous hoops. First off, you’ll need to get to level 50 and get to Second Lieutenant with your Grand Company, then complete the Grand Company “Let the Hunt Begin” quest chain. Once you’re at level 53, talk to Aytienne at Cloud Nine to get the “Let the Clan Hunt Begin” and keep going down this series of quests until you complete “Elite and Dangerous” at level 60. By the way, it seems you also need to finish the “Old Sharlayan, New to You” main quest, too.

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The next step to get the FFXIV Patch 6.1 Vinegaroon mount, once you’ve unlocked the Endwalker hunts, is to go to Old Sharlyan, specifically The Nymphaeum, and talk to the Diminutive Gleaner and pick up the “The Hunt for Specimens” quest. Next, head to the Scholar’s Harbor aetheryte and speak to Northola to unlock the Junior Guildship Mark Bills and access to Guildship Hunts. Now, grind these hunts until you’ve gathered 3,200 Sacks of Nuts (seriously, who names things in this damned game), which is going to take a while. When you do, go to the store right next to Guildship Hunts board, talk to J’lakshai, and purchase the Vinegaroon Horn. Consume the item from your inventory. You’ll now be able to summon the Vinegaroon mount from the Mount Guide menu whenever you please. Image credit goes to Lutv Damned.

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