How to Get Frog & Make Stew in Wacky Wizards

The questions of how to get the frog ingredient and make stew in Wacky Wizards are very closely related. See, in order to get the frog, you need to feed all the goblins in the goblin village. To do that, you have to make each of them a stew that they want. Figuring out which ingredients to use in the stews is kinda tricky. So, in our How to Get Frog & Make Stew in Wacky Wizards guide, we’ll show you how to make all the stews and get the frog ingredient.

how to get frog & make stew in wacky wizards
How to Get Frog & Make Stew in Wacky Wizards

How to Get Frog in Wacky Wizards

To get the Wacky Wizards frog ingredient, you need to make stew for a bunch of goblins. So, the first step is to go and visit the goblin village. It’s to the left of the volcano; if you can’t figure out where to find it, check out our screenshot below. What you need to do now is talk to each goblin and find out what they want to eat, then feed them the stew you’ve cooked in their cauldron. Here are the recipes for each one.

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  • Giant Stew – Throw the nearby Giant’s Ear into the cauldron and give the stew to the Midget Goblin (excuse the slur, they use it in the game).
  • Bean Stew – Pick up the Can of Beans and put it into the cauldron, then give the stew to the Vegan Goblin.
  • You Stew – Make a Death Shrink potion using a Fairy and Chameleon lying nearby. Hop on top of the cauldron and drink the potion. You’ll shrink and fall into the pot and die. After you respawn, go back to the goblin village, take the stew from the cauldron, and give it to the Fat Goblin.
  • Noodle Stew – Pick up the Pool Noodle from right next to the Kid Goblin and throw it into the cauldron. Take the stew and give it to the Kid Goblin.
  • Spicy Stew – Pick up the nearby Chilli, chuck it into the cauldron, take the stew and give it to the Goblin Leader.
wacky wizards how to get frog ingredient & make stew
Goblin village location

After you make stew for all goblins, they’ll give you the Wacky Wizards frog ingredient. From then on, you can use it to make whatever potions it’s necessary for. If you need any more help with this, check out our video below.

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