How to Get Goat in Adopt Me, New Furniture & Accessories

If you want to know how to get the Goat Pet and new furniture and accessories in Adopt Me, you’ve come to the right place. Both the ultra rare Goat Pet and the new items are a part of the Pride Update, and there’s quite a lot in it. Well, as far as the cosmetic items go; there’s something for every shade of the rainbow. Pets-wise, there’s only the Goat. With the introduction out of the way, let’s dive into the details.

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how to get goat in adopt me new furniture & accessories
How to Get Goat in Adopt Me, New Furniture & Accessories

How to Get Goat Pet in Adopt Me

To get the ultra rare Goat Pet in Adopt Me, not unlike the new furniture and accessories, you will have to buy it. The animal will only be available for one week, so be sure to get it before June 16th. The cost is 249 Robux, which isn’t exactly cheap, but what can you do? Don’t let the FOMO get to you. Anyways, the Goat Pet arrives on June 9th; the exact time will depend on where you live. You can follow the official countdown right here. That should help avoid any confusion with time zones. The Goat will be waiting for you at the Pride Stand, which will be near the Playground area. Speaking of the Pride Stand…

Adopt Me New Furniture & Accessories

The new furniture and accessories in Adopt Me will arrive at the same time as the Goat Pet as a part of the Pride update. It’s nice that the developers are giving some love to Pride Month, but like the Goat, these items will only be in the store for one week, until June 19th. They can all be found at the Pride Stand. The accessories include the Pride Glasses, Wings, a special Butterfly Pin and more, each of which cost 50 Bucks (as in, the in-game currency). There’s also the flying Pride Flag vehicle for 250 Bucks.

On top of that, the devs have added three new Pride Pin Badges to the collection, and they’re all free. You can also pick between sixteen different Pride Flags that your character can hold. As for the Pride furniture, there’s quite a lot of different pieces, including chairs, tables, and much more; they all cost 50 Bucks a pop.

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