How to Get Golden Dragon Fruit in Mir4

If you need to know how to get the Golden Dragon Fruit in Mir4, you’ve come to the right place. You can earn this new “currency” in two ways, and you can use both if you want to. We’ll present you with both methods in this guide; they’re fairly simple, but that doesn’t mean that they’re easy. So, let’s begin.

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how to get golden dragon fruit in mir4
How to Get Golden Dragon Fruit in Mir4

How to Get Mir4 Golden Dragon Fruit

To get the Golden Dragon Fruit in Mir4, there are two things that you can approach the problem. The first one is to get one thousand regular Dragon Fruits and exchange them at the big, cute bird called Joyful in Bicheon Castle for the Divine Dragon’s Gift Box. It won’t be super-easy to get a thousand Dragon Fruits, since the daily cap is five hundred, so that’ll be at least two full days of grinding. On the bright side the Divine Dragon’s Gift Box gives you ten Golden Dragon Fruits and a bunch of other useful items, such as ten Mystic Dragon Material Summon Boxes, one Magic Square ticket, one Secret Peak Ticket, one Raid Ticket, and one Boss Raid Ticket. So, it’ll be worth the effort. If you need more info on all this, check out our How to Use Dragon Fruit guide.

The other way to get the Mir4 Golden Dragon Fruit is to spend real money in the in-game store. There are a number of different bundles that you can get that come with a certain amount of Golden Dragon Fruits. Those that do have a Golden Dragon Fruit icon in the bottom left corner of the treasure chest, as you can see in the image above. They cost thirty dollars each, and you can only buy a limited number of them per character. If you do choose to do this, please remember to always spend real money responsibly when it comes to video games, even if it isn’t a hidden gambling system.

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