How to Use Dragon Fruit Mir4 Joyful

Those of you that aren’t sure how to use Dragon Fruit in Mir4 and who Joyful is, you’ve come to the right place. The Dragon Fruits are a new event-specific currency of sorts that you can trade with a certain NPC to get rewards. However, it seems that some people have trouble figuring out what to actually do with these fruits and where this “mysterious” Joyful NPC is. We’ll cover both of these points in our How to Use Dragon Fruit Mir4 Joyful guide.

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how to use dragon fruit mir4 joyful
How to Use Dragon Fruit Mir4 Joyful

How to Use Dragon Fruit in Mir4

To use the Dragon Fruit in Mir4, you need to give it to a specific NPC called Joyful. The game’s localization makes this part a little difficult to figure out, so that is probably the reason for some of the confusion. As for where you can get the Dragon Fruit, you can get them by simply killing monsters outside of the city. Any of the monsters will do, but keep in mind that you’re gonna have to farm a lot of mobs until you get a significant amount of the fruit. The daily cap of how many you can earn seems to be five hundred. So, you can’t keep farming indefinitely in one day. Either way, you trade the Dragon Fruits with Joyful to get all kinds of rewards.

Joyful Location in Mir4

The location of Joyful in Mir4, the NPC where you use the Dragon Fruit, is in Bicheon Castle, in the Bicheon Area. Head to the corridor leading to the Duel Arena area, but don’t actually go in there. Instead, hug the left wall and move towards the left side of the giant staircase. That’s where you’ll find Joyful, which is an adorable, big, bug-eyed blue bird with a bell around its neck. You really can’t miss it, but if you do have trouble, you can click the Event NPC tab on the right of the map screen. From there, you can mark Joyful’s location to make the process easier on yourself.

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