How to Get Hot Zones NBA 2K22

Some players are having a little trouble figuring out how to get hot zones in NBA 2K22. The fact of the matter is, this mechanic is really important in the game, but it’s not explained very well. To make matters even worse, finding any data on your hot zones is buried in a specific menu that you might not check that often. It’s all unnecessarily messy, is what I’m saying. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to hopefully help you out.

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how to get hot zones nba 2k22
How to Get Hot Zones NBA 2K22

How to Get NBA 2K22 Hot Zones

To get hot zones in NBA 2K22, the first thing you have to do is to play the career mode until your character goes from college to the NBA. The games you play and shots you make anywhere before you get into the NBA do not count towards your hot zones. Once you make it to the NBA, head into the settings and change the difficulty setting to Pro and the quarter lengths to five minutes. See, the game calculates your hot zones from a total of fifty games (some say twenty-five), so you want them to go by quickly. Incidentally, when your character is in NBA, you can play games anywhere, and they will count towards your hot zone scores, but it’s best to just play regular career games.

Regardless of whether you already have your hot zones calculated or are just starting, your aim is to do the best you can throughout the fifty matches to shoot really well from areas where you want to get hot zones/improve cold zones. That’s how to get hot zones in NBA 2K22. By the way, here’s how to check your hot zones – go into the MyCAREER menu, and select Roster. Select your character from the roster and move the little dot through the different stats until you land on Hot Zones. The red areas are hot, blue are cold, and gray are neutral. Use that to figure out which zones of the courts you want to focus on.

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