Metroid Dread Gravity Suit Location - Sequence Breaking

Sequence breaking refers to getting something in a game – usually an ability or item – before you normally should have. In Metroid Dread, you can acquire the Gravity Suit upgrade pretty early on if you follow a very specific set of actions. This powerful upgrade will open up new pathways and options in the game for Samus. You will get it during the course of the game, but if you want to get to it earlier, our Metroid Dread Gravity Suit Location – Sequence Breaking guide will provide you with the means to do just that.

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Metroid Dread Gravity Suit Location - Sequence Breaking

Metroid Dread Gravity Suit Location

FTo be able to get this suit upgrade, you will need to have the following abilities: Morph Ball, Space Jump, Ice Missiles, and Pulse Radar. If you have all of these, you can get the Gravity Suit earlier. Though, we have to warn you that this still won’t be easy. With that said, let’s see how to do this. First, at the teleporter in Burenia, go to your right. Curl up into the Morph Ball and destroy and open up the path to the right. Use Ice Missile to clear the obstacles here and proceed to the bottom. Go to the corridor to your right. You need to build up enough speed here to use the speed boost to uncover the passage to the platform below in the previous screen. Go down and proceed to the next section.

In this next section, you need to use the Shinespark move to navigate around and execute this move with exact timing and precision. We’d like to thank YouTuber TheSeventForce for their video which we’ve embedded down below. You can see how these moves are executed there. The next portion is underwater. Move below and blow up the the path so that you can again use Morph Ball. Unmorph and climb up along the ledges above you. Once you reach the end of this room, shoot right until you break the wall and continue until you expose a section which you can use your Grapple Point to collapse the mechanism all the way down.

Go through this opening and move down in the water. Make your way to the tube to the left, the one above the very bottom. In the room here, is the Gravity Suit upgrade. Congratulations, you’ve now gotten your Metroid Dread Gravity Suit. The sequence breaking can now begin.

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