How to Get Huggy Wuggy in FNF RP - Wuggy Badge

The question of how to get the Huggy Wuggy badge in FNF RP or Friday Night Funk Roleplay has been popping up among the player base. After all, who wouldn’t want to play a game like this as an oversized toy mascot with three rows of shark teeth? Of course you do! That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show you how to get Huggy Wuggy in Friday Night Funk Roleplay.

how to get huggy wuggy in fnf rp wuggy badge
How to Get Huggy Wuggy in FNF RP – Wuggy Badge

How to Get Friday Night Funk Roleplay Huggy Wuggy Badge – FNF RP

To get Huggy Wuggy in Friday Night Funk Roleplay and get the FNF RP Wuggy Badge, the first step is to get into the teleporter and use it to go into the Week 2 map. That’s the map that’s all dark-blue with a window on the left. Click on it to teleport to the map. As soon as you load into the new location, head to the giant window on the left and hop through it into the yard area. Go to the far right corner of the yard. There, you’ll find a bush you can jump onto, so do just that.

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Look to the right, across the fence, and you’ll see a small, lonely cloud just floating in the sky. What I want you to do now is jump towards said cloud. You don’t have to touch it necessarily; I just need you to drop into the void in that general direction. That’s how you get the FNF RP Huggy Wuggy badge in Friday Night Funk Roleplay. As soon as you drop into this new zone, the badge should pop up. However, we’re not done just yet.

If you go down the long hallway in this new area and look to the left, you’ll see Huggy in a kind of display. Run over and interact with the creature, and boom, now you’re playing as the big blue saw-toothed monstrosity. It is absolutely hilarious to play the game as the gangly horror, so enjoy it!

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