Get Kudos in Fall Guys Free For All

Long time fans want to know how to get Kudos in Fall Guys Free for All, because the way the currency works has been changed now that the game has gone free-to-play. Unfortunately, this is just one of several major changes to the game’s economy that you’ll have to get used to. This includes the introduction of the new, premium currency, aka the Show-Bucks. Let’s explain the situation in more detail, shall we?

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get kudos in fall guys free for all
Get Kudos in Fall Guys Free For All

How to Get Kudos in Fall Guys Free for All

To get Kudos in Fall Guys Free for All, you have to “earn them during events, through challenges, and unlock them via the Season Pass.” You will no longer earn them through simply playing the game and doing well in a match. This is all a part of the game’s new business model, what with it becoming an Epic Games exclusive, going cross-platform and free-to-play. You can count on about 200 or so Kudos from daily challenges and a further 2,600 for fully completing the Season Pass.

The items you can buy with Kudos have also changed. You’ll only be able to purchase “Single Costume Pieces of Common rarity, Common colours, all Nicknames and Nameplates, as well as Common Faceplates and Patterns.” Everything else will only be available for the new currency, Show-Bucks. That’s basically V-bucks, but for Fall Guys. So, if you’re wondering how to get Kudos in Fall Guys Free for All, you should know that they’re not gonna be nearly as important or valuable as they used to be. Such is life when premium currencies come into the mix.

Now, one more thing that we do have to mention is that Crowns will no longer be something you can spend. To smooth the transition out, the developers will turn every Crown you had in your inventory before June 21st into 3,000 Crowns each. You can read more about all this in the official announcement.

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