Fall Guys Cross-Platform, Crossplay & Cross-Progression

In our Fall Guys Cross-Platform, Crossplay & Cross-Progression, we’re going to answer some major questions about the upcoming features. Namely, we’ll show you will Fall Guys be cross platform and when that is going to happen, as well as how it’s all going to work. So, let’s begin!

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fall guys cross-platform crossplay & cross-progression
Fall Guys Cross-Platform, Crossplay & Cross-Progression

Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform?

Fall Guys will be cross-platform very soon, and this will include crossplay and cross-progression between PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch. But when is Fall Guys going to become cross platform? The answer to that is Tuesday, June 21st. That’s when the Season 6 update is going to drop, and with it, the ability to play the game on any machine and bring all your progress along with you. However, according to the official announcement, there is one big asterisk – you are going to need an Epic Games Account.

That doesn’t mean that you need to own the game on the Epic Games Store. Sure, it’s now an exclusive there, but if you own it on Steam, you can still play it normally. However, if you want to use the benefits of the crossplay and especially cross-progression, you will have to make an Epic Games Account and link it to Fall Guys on your platform of choice. When it comes to Fall Guys cross-platform features, that’s the only way you’ll be able to use them. The profile on the first platform you link the accounts on will become your primary profile.

Another very important caveat is that “any Fame Path level progress, Crowns, Shards or Kudos will be carried over from your primary profile only.” So, if you’ve messed up and made the wrong profile your primary, you will have to contact support. Make sure to read the official FAQ, too, just in case. And if you want to know what’s happening with the currencies, check out our Get Kudos in Fall Guys Free For All guide.

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