Get More Chests in Necromunda Hired Gun

Figuring out how to get more chests in Necromunda Hired Gun can be extremely advantageous for you, because getting loot is pretty much paramount in this game. In fact, some of the best loot you can find has a chance of dropping from chests. However, in the thick of battle, it’s easy to miss them. So, we’ll give you a few tips on how to find chests more easily in this guide.

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get more chests in necromunda hired gun
Get More Chests in Necromunda Hired Gun

How to Find More Necromunda Hired Gun Chests

To find and get more chests in Necromunda Hired Gun, you should invest in the Augur Array implant. You get these from the surgeon Malacatcheon in Martyr’s End. You’ll find it under the Cerebral tab. Once you have the Augur Array in your dome, go into a mission and activate the implant. It will turn your vision black-and-white, which offers several advantages. For one, it marks enemies for you for easier navigation and shooting. More importantly, however, it marks chests and other loot as white squares with a red dot in the center.

The catch here is that the Augur Array does make your vision a little wobbly, so you’ll have to come closer to be able to see the markers properly. Also, the higher you upgrade the implant, the further its range will be. That’ll help out immensely on your quest to get more chests in Necromunda Hired Gun. Also, you can press and hold the Tab button on PC to bring up a menu showing you how many chests are left in the level. You can see which button does that on consoles in the upper left corner.

Another thing you can do is replay missions, like side missions, over and over again. That way, you can clean up any chests that you might have seen, but missed in previous runs. All you have to do is remember where they were and try to get them again.

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