How to Change Outfits in Necromunda Hired Gun

The question of how to change outfits in Necromunda Hired Gun has been the matter of some debate among the player base. After all, the game is fresh out of the oven, and people want to know how to put on the snazziest clothes they can muster. Well, the only catch is that you can’t change your threads from the start, and also not whenever you want to. We’ll explain how it all works in this guide.

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how to change outfits in necromunda hired gun
How to Change Outfits in Necromunda Hired Gun

How to Change Necromunda Hired Gun Outfits

To change outfits in Necromunda, you first need to progress far enough in the game. Specifically, you need to complete the first section of the game, after which you’ll find yourself in the hub area, Martyr’s End. That’s where the customization feature unlocks. Basically, what you have to do is go and talk to the barkeep. Select the “Show me what you can do for me” option. In their inventory, you can access a list of outfits that are currently available for you. At the time of writing, there’s about six or so outfits you can wear, and I assume there will be more later on.

Those of you that have preordered the game can claim your cosmetic rewards here. This includes the outfit from the Hunter’s Bounty Pack, as well as the skins for your Knife, Stub Gun, and Mastiff Chew Toy. You can learn more about this in our Pre-Order Bonus Items Location – Equip Hunter’s Bounty Pack guide. So, to sum up how to change outfits in Necromunda Hired Gun – play until you get to Martyr’s End and talk to the barkeep. Open their inventory and peruse the outfits that you have access to. Select the one you want to wear, and be on your way. Not the most intuitive of systems, I grant you that, but what can you do?

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