How to Get Rathalos Mount FFXIV

A number of FF14 players seem to be wondering how to get the Rathalos mount, and why shouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t want to ride around the world on the back of a giant, bloodthirsty dragon? well, the issue is that, to unlock the Rathalos mount in Final Fantasy XIV, you have to work for it, and hard. We’ll explain how the process works in our How to Get Rathalos Mount FFXIV guide.

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how to get rathalos mount ffxiv
How to Get Rathalos Mount FFXIV

How to Unlock Rathalos Mount in FFXIV

To unlock and get the FFXIV Rathalos mount, you either need to get the Rathalos Whistle or grind out fifty Rathalos Scales+. Both of these items drop from the fight against Rathalos from the Great Hunt (Extreme) Trial. The whistle is an extremely rare drop from the Treasure Coffer you earn for completing the hunt. As for the scales, you can harvest them from the beast’s tail after you manage to bring it down. Considering how rare a drop the whistle is, you’ll probably have to go the Scales route, but first, let’s explain how to unlock the Great Hunt (Extreme) Trial.

First off, find and talk to the Hearty Hunter in Kugane (X: 9.7, Y: 8.9). They’ll give you the quest called The New King on the Block, which is basically the normal version of the hunt. Once you complete that challenge, you’ll unlock The Newer King on the Block, which unlocks access to The Great Hunt (Extreme). Now, to get the Rathalos FFXIV mount, all you have to do is grind this activity over and over and over again until you either manage to get the Rathalos Whistle by some miracle, or until you obtain fifty Rathalos Scales+.

With those scales in hand, head to the Smithy in Kugane. Trade them in for the Rathalos mount, and you’ll finally get to ride on an awesome dragon. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to travel in style in a sleek, princely limo, check out our How to Get Regalia Mount FFXIV – A Nocturne for Heroes Event guide.

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