How to Get Snowflakes COD Mobile

Knowing how to get Snowflakes in COD Mobile is the most important part of the Winter Snowflake event. You use them as currency in the Snowflake Exchange Center to unlock all sorts of rewards, including several skins, such as the Ghost – Stealth skin. However, there seems to be some panicking among the player base that they won’t have enough Snowflakes to get all the things from the event store. Well, we’re gonna explain what’s actually going on and how to get Snowflakes in CODM.

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how to get snowflakes cod mobile
How to Get Snowflakes COD Mobile

How to Get Snowflakes in CODM – COD Mobile

To get Snowflakes in CODM, aka COD Mobile, all you have to do is complete the challenges that the Winter Snowflake event gives you. For example, there’s things like “Kill 5 Enemies in MP,” “Play 1 Game in BR,” and “Win 1 Game.” You just need to complete tasks every day, and you’ll keep earning the Snowflakes. They are basically the currency for the event which you can spend in the Snowflake Exchange Center menu. There are many different prizes that you can unlock here, including permanently obtaining the Ghost – Stealth skin. You can get it for a few days for free right now, but to keep it, you’ll have to redeem 70 Snowflakes. The one thing that’s for sure is that some of the prizes are incredibly expensive, with the skins costing 70 Snowflakes each.

That’s how you get Snowflakes in COD Mobile or CODM, but here’s the rub – the first three challenges give you only one Snowflake each. That would amount to less than 70 Snowflakes if you completed every single task for all 16 days of the event. Obviously, that makes no sense, so there’s only one conclusion: future challenges will reward you with more Snowflakes (and will probably be harder). These first few are just an introduction to how the whole thing works. I see that a lot of people have already started panicking that they’ll never get enough Snowflakes, and I don’t know why – the developers obviously want you to get the rewards so that you’d play the game more and spend money on it. Don’t panic, just keep doing the Winter Snowflake event tasks, and you’ll be fine.

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