Fast Travel Halo Infinite

Halo is no longer a linear game and as Infinite has a huge map, fast travel is a useful skill. It links to the ability to take over certain areas. When you own a designated part of the map, you gain the ability to fast travel to it. Of course, this can result in some tactical takeovers to ensure you get the best coverage. Read on as we discuss fast travel in Halo Infinite.

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Fast Travel Halo Infinite
Fast Travel Halo Infinite

How to Fast Travel in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite does not reveal all its secrets right away. You need to carry on through the early missions before you get access to the open world. You will then have the ability to take over areas controlled by enemies.

These areas are Forward Operating Bases. On the map, there are a number of red Forward Operating Bases. Start by traveling to one and taking it over.

To take over these areas, kill all enemies in the area. You then need to interact with the central console. You cannot do this until every last enemy is dead. Make sure you use the minimap to scour every hiding hole they may be in.

Once you have taken over your second location, fast travel will become available. A message in text in the bottom right will also tell you that fast travel is online. You can now travel between the locations you have taken over. 

You can do this by opening the map using the view button on your controller. Place the cursor over the location you wish to fast travel to. Place the X button at the location you wish to travel to. After a short loading screen, the drop will take place.  These FBO locations can also be used for your loadout and to spawn vehicles.  

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