How To Get Turpentine in Bee Swarm Simulator

The Bee Swarm Simulator is a very popular Roblox game in which you do many Bee-related activities, such as making honey and dealing with bears. Recently, the latest update to the game has added a new item that you can acquire – Turpentine. There are several ways to get this item, and in this How To Get Turpentine in Bee Swarm Simulator guide, we will be going over all of them, as well as explaining what Turpentine can be used for.

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How To Get Turpentine in Bee Swarm Simulator

How To Get Turpentine in Bee Swarm Simulator

The first method to get Turpentine is to craft it from the Blender. For this, you will need x10 Super Smoothies, x10 Caustic Wax, x100 Star Jellies, and x1000 Honeysuckles. The second method involves getting very lucky with a random drop from Legendary and Mythic Puffshrooms, Ticket Planter, Plastic Planter, Red Clay Planter, Tacky Planter, Festive Planter, Petal Planter, Pesticide Planter, and The Planter of Plenty. You can also get it by buying the Merry Mondo Bundle from Bee Bear’s Catalog. Another way to get it is to complete the Stick Bug’s Beesmas 2021 Quest, from which you will get the Turpentine as a reward. Finally, Turpentine also becomes available when you activate Dapper Bear’s Samovar for the 25th time.

What is Turpentine Used For in Bee Swarm Simulator

The description for this item states that it is: “A strong solvent that can remove all Waxes from a bee’s Beequip.” Besides this handy use, Turpentine is also needed if you want to craft Gummyballer (x10 trillion honey, x1500 glue, x2500 gumdrops, x50 caustic waxes, x50 super smoothies, and x5 Turpentines) and The Planter Of Plenty (x100T Honey, x500 Magic Beans, x100 Super Smoothies, x100 Swirled Waxes, x100 Caustic Waxes, and x25 Turpentines). Note that, without using codes, you can only have up to 25 Turpentines in your inventory.

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