Get Unsullied Heart for Greater Blood Essence V Rising

V Rising is a Vampire survival action RPG, and as such, there are a lot of things related to blood. One such important item is called the Greater Blood Essence. The Greater Blood Essence, as the name suggests, is a better version of the Blood Essence. You’ll use it to create the servant’s coffin and make high quality gear. The Greater Blood Essence is a craftable item, but for that, you’ll need the Unsullied Heart, which many players find hard to get. In this guide, we’ll explain how to farm the Unsullied Heart in order to craft the Greater Blood Essence.

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Get Unsullied Heart for Greater Blood Essence V Rising

How to Get Unsullied Heart for Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

As we’ve already established, the Greater Blood Essence is an important item you’ll need to have early on. This item can not be obtained through loot, nor will the enemies drop it when you defeat them. It is only craftable via the Blood Press. In order to craft it, what you need is an Unsullied Heart time four. Well, that’s the tricky part.

Namely, it’s really, really, hard to get them. At the moment, there are no strategies for how to farm Unsullied Heart in V Rising. It has been suggested that enemies level 18 or above have far greater chances to drop an Unsullied Heart. Though, we can not confirm that. Farming the Alpha Wolf might be a good strategy to increase your chances of getting the Unsullied Heart.

For now, it seems that the Heart simply has an abysmally bad drop rate and there’s nothing that players can do about this. Although, this is something that Stunlock Studios, the game’s developer, will surely need to address in the next balance patch. After all, V Rising is still in Early Access, and there’s still a lot of work to be done before the full release.

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