Ghostwire Tokyo Level Up Fast & Gain XP

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-adventure set to release soon. In this supernatural-themed game, you will encounter – and fight – many spirits across the landscape of Tokyo. As is the case in games such as this, you will be incentivized to level up as fast as you can in order to acquire better and stronger abilities with which you can become more powerful. And, like in other similar games, you can use certain methods to optimize your XP gain so that you can speed up this process. Our Ghostwire Tokyo Level Up Fast & Gain XP guide is here to help you with this.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Level Up Fast & Gain XP

How to Level Up Fast & Gain XP in Ghostwire Tokyo

The world of Ghostwire: Tokyo is filled with things to do. This means that you are never going to be starved for ways to level up and gain XP in the game. And that’s all well and good, but what is the fastest and most efficient way to quickly level up in GW:T? Well, that would be – through absorbing spirits. In GW:T, you will soon get the Spectral Vision ability. Using this allows you to see wayward spirits, so that you can get close to them and absorb them.

To maximize this process, look for Corrupted Trees. These can be found all over the map. Note that these trees are protected by Visitors, though this only means that defeating them as well will yield you even more XP. Once you have defeated these guardians, activate your Spectral Vision to search for the Core of the Corrupted Tree. When you have found it, position yourself carefully and out of reach of the damage this core will emit. Then, aim and then shoot at it with your bow or Ethereal Weaving to cleanse it. After that, you will gain a big amount of XP. Repeat this process and you will level up very quickly in the game.

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