Akala Adventure Pokemon GO Lush Jungle

The Pokemon GO Lush Jungle Akala Adventure is a series of research tasks that you need to do. Every step has its own reward for completing it, plus rewards for finishing each page of tasks. There are four pages in total, and each one has three tasks. There’s a lot to sink one’s teeth into, is what I’m saying. So, with all that said, let’s dive into the details!

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akala adventure pokemon go lush jungle
Akala Adventure Pokemon GO Lush Jungle

Pokemon GO Lush Jungle Akala Adventure

The Pokemon GO Lush Jungle Akala Adventure research has four pages of three tasks for you to complete. These tasks vary in difficulty, as always, and the rewards you get from them reflect this. The prizes vary from extra Balls and Berries, encounters with various interesting and rare Pokemon, and much more. Plus, you’ll learn more about Tapu Lele as you go.

  • Akala Adventure Research Page 1
    • Catch 10 Pokemon: 10 Poke Balls
    • Complete three Field Research tasks: Pikachu encounter
    • Catch seven different species of Pokemon: 5 Pinap Berry
    • Completion rewards: Fomantis Encounter, 500 XP, 500 Stardust
  • Akala Adventure Research Page 2
    • Use 4 Berries to help catch Pokemon: Parasect encounter
    • Catch 2 Water-type Pokemon: Alomomola encounter
    • Take 3 snapshots of Fire-type Pokemon: Alolan Marowak encounter
    • Completion rewards: 1 Charged TM, 500 XP, 500 Stardust
  • Akala Adventure Research Page 3
    • Power up Pokemon 10 times: 7 Razz Berry
    • Walk 2 kilometers: 10 Poke Balls
    • Take 3 snapshots of wild Pokemon: 10 Pinap Berry
    • Completion rewards: 1 Premium Battle Pass, 1000 XP, 1000 Stardust
  • Akala Adventure Research Page 4
    • Send 5 Gifts to Friends: 10 Great Balls
    • Catch 15 Pokemon: 7 Pinap Berry
    • Win a Raid: Alolan Diglett encounter
    • Completion rewards: 15 Ultra Ball, 8000 XP, 3000 Stardust

And that’s the full list of Lush Jungle Akala Adventure Pokemon GO tasks and rewards. As you can see, there’s a lot to see and do. On top of that, this is far from the only thing to enjoy in the current event. It also introduces new Pokemon (Fomantis, Lurantis and Tapu Lele), a series of timed research tasks, a variety of cool Pokemon in Raids and the wild, and more. So, get out there and immerse yourself in the exotic vibes!

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