GreedFall Memory Crystals & Respec - How to Get

Respecing and Memory Crystals in GreedFall are two mechanics that are directly tied together. In fact, you need the GreedFall Memory Crystals in order to respec at all. Each time you reset your skills, you expend a Memory Crystal. And, of course, Memory Crystals are not at all easy to come by, so you need to be very careful with them. If this mechanic is confusing you, or you don’t know how to acquire the crystals, our GreedFall Memory Crystals & Respec – How to Get guide will clear some things up.

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GreedFall Memory Crystals & Respec - How to Get
GreedFall Memory Crystals & Respec – How to Get

How to Respec & Get Memory Crystals in GreedFall?

To respec your character in GreedFall, you have to use a Memory Crystals in order to reset your skills. In the Skills menu, you can see the option to reset skills in the bottom left corner, including the number of Memory Crystals you have at your disposal. If you have a Memory Crystal, use it, and then re-allocate your skills how you see fit. Whether your build is making the game harder or too easy, just reshuffle your abilities to your liking. Turn yourself from a mage into a sword-fighting, melee badass; I don’t know your life.

Now, the game graciously provides you with one free Memory Crystal at the beginning. After that, you’re absolutely on your own. So, how does one earn more Memory Crystals? Well, by killing optional bosses, minibosses, and some main story bosses. Even so, they’re always gonna be in a limited supply. It kinda makes sense; they don’t want you flipping between builds whenever you want. Still, keep in mind that the Memory Crystals aren’t a dime a dozen, so only use them when you’re absolutely know you have to.

And, that’s basically all there is to respecing and earning Memory Crystals in GreedFall. In case you need further assistance with GreedFall, feel free to take a gander at our other guides on the subject. For example, we’ve got Serene Locked Door – How to Open and Pre-Order Bonus Adventurer’s Gear DLC – Where to Find.

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