GreedFall Serene Locked Door - How to Open

The locked door in Serene in GreedFall is the only door in the city that you can’t open on your own. The door in question is in southeast Serene, and is the single door that you can’t lockpick or access otherwise. Now, you can open the door, but only if you approach a specific quest from a certain angle. And, yes, it is pretty non-intuitive, and, ultimately, not worth the trouble. Still, if you are dying to find out what’s behind it, here’s our GreedFall Serene Locked Door – How to Open guide to help you out.

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GreedFall Serene Locked Door - How to Open
GreedFall Serene Locked Door – How to Open

How to Open Locked Door in Serene in GreedFall?

To open the locked door in southeast Serene, the one that has thieves behind it, you have to approach the Coin Guard Merchandise quest in a specific way. See, GreedFall generally encourages you to be diplomatic in your approach. You don’t have to, but it is usually the “correct” way to do things. In this case, however, you have to threaten the quest-giving merchant when the game lets you. If you pull it off, the door will unlock, allowing you to explore the entirety of Serene, since this is the only door in the city that you can’t open by other methods.

how to open locked door in serene greedfall

Now, the thing to keep in mind here is that this comes at a price. Pulling this stunt will cost you two reputation with the Coin Guard. And, what do you get in return? A couple of enemies o kill, and a handful of stuff to loot. The general consensus is that the spoils behind the mysterious door are not worth the trouble and reputation loss. So, all in all, you should probably leave the door well enough alone, and be on your merry way. Then again, this is your game; you do whatever you feel is the right thing.

And that’s about it for how to open the locked door in southeast Serene. In case you need help with something else in GreedFall, we have a few other guides on the subject. Specifically, Pre-Order Bonus Adventurer’s Gear DLC – Where to Find and Romance Guide – Companion Relationships.

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