GreedFall Queen Blandid Location - Where to Find Siora's Mother

Queen Blandid is a character in GreedFall, and she is a part of Siora’s companion quest chain, since she’s Siora’s mother whom she’s trying to find. To complete this quest, you’ll have to help her find her mother, Queen Blandid, and that’s gonna be more difficult than it sounds. It’s an emotional quest, to say the least, and it can get a little confounding at times. So, let’s dive into our GreedFall Queen Blandid Location – Where to Find Siora’s Mother guide to lead you through it.

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GreedFall Queen Blandid Location - Where to Find Siora's Mother
GreedFall Queen Blandid Location – Where to Find Siora’s Mother

Where to Find Queen Blandid for Siora’s Quest in GreedFall?

To find Queen Blandid for Siora’s personal quest, the first step is to find the location where the Battle of the Red Spears took place. Now, this isn’t exactly the most difficult quest to complete, but make sure to listen to what Siora tells you. You will eventually come across a crossroads. Once you do, take the road that Siora tells you. Don’t try to be smart about it.

Once you arrive at your goal, talk to Siora again, and your next stop will be Verdrad and The Red Woods. Find the Captain in the outpost and talk with him. You’ll sadly find out that (SPOILERS) Siora’s mother is dead, so let her pay respects. Now, you’re objective becomes to convince the Captain to relinquish Blandid’s body to you. If you’ve invested enough points in Charisma, you can just convince him to do so. If not, you have to go the roundabout route.

First off, go to the Office Quarters in the far end of the camp. Sneak inside through the unguarded door, and read the letter on the desk. Then, plunder the chest that’s nearby, either using the key or lockpicking it. If you do use lockpicking, you’ll have to go into the Journal, highlight the quest, and select advance follow-up at the bottom of the screen to be able to proceed.

Now that you have everything you need, head to the location that the game marks for you. Hide behind the rocks and wait for the Captain to meet some pretty unsavory people. Kill the smugglers, and the Captain will finally agree to surrender the queen’s body to you. Go back to the village and talk to Eseld to complete the quest.

Siora Saying You Are Too Busy – How to Continue Quest?

To continue Siora’s quest in GreedFall if she tells you something to the effect of “I see you are too busy,” you have to complete whatever companion quest you currently have active. See, you can only have one companion quest at any given time. So, if you’re, say, doing a quest for Vasco, you won’t be able to further Siora’s quest until you’re done with Vasco’s. The same, of course, goes for any companion quest that you’re trying to do. So, yeah, it’s not a bug, it’s just how the game works.

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