GreedFall Merchant Prince Armor Set Location - Where to Find

Merchant Prince Armor Set in GreedFall is an armor set that you can find in a hidden location. It’s a pretty good armor set, but it is really well-hidden. Plus, you have to defeat a very difficult miniboss in order to be able to get the GreedFall Merchant Prince Ceremonial Armor set. That being the case, welcome to our GreedFall Merchant Prince Armor Set Location – Where to Find guide. Hope it’s gonna help you out find the armor.

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GreedFall Merchant Prince Armor Set Location - Where to Find
GreedFall Merchant Prince Armor Set Location – Where to Find

Where to Find Merchant Prince Armor Set in GreedFall?

To find the Merchan Prince Armor Set in GreedFall, you’ll have to push through the game until you reach the area named Wenshaganaw, “The Singing Waters.” Once there, you’ll have to battle a hulking beast that looks like a mix between a stag, a tree, and a baby Godzilla. It’s called Nadaig Frasamen, and it’s in the northeast of the region (check the map below for the location). It’s pretty tough to beat. Try to get to about level 15 or so before you go barreling headfirst into the battle. As fierce as the enemy is, you will eventually make it drop.

where to find merchant prince armor set location greedfall

Once you manage to kill the monster, go explore the area to the southeast of where you battled. Near the cliff side, you’ll find a body of a merchant. He’s in a relatively bright orange jacket, so he’s not too difficult to spot. He is lying among some foliage, so keep your peepers peeled. Take the key from the corpse. Then, go the opposite direction; to the west and the river bank. Head north and follow the river. Pretty soon, you’ll find a chest between a pile of rocks and a huge boulder. That’s where the Merchant Prince Armor Set is.

The set consists of a ceremonial cuirass, gauntlets, and boots. There’s also the Ambassador’s Hat in there. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least 2 Endurance to wear the cuirass, gauntlets, and boots. If you need further help with the game, you can check out some of our other GreedFall guides, including Memory Crystals & Respec – How to Get and others.

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