Grounded Hosting Game Error Fix

If you’re constantly receiving the “hosting game error” in Grounded, you are not alone. Obsidian’s survival game is the most fun when played with friends and sharing the experience. However, the game’s multiplayer features have been suffering from quite a few issues since the game’s release. In this guide, we share what we know about Grounded’s “There was an issue hosting a multiplayer game” error and what can be done to fix it.

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Grounded Hosting Game Error Fix
Grounded Hosting Game Error Fix (Image Credit: Cntrptn via Obsidian forums)

Grounded Issue Hosting a Multiplayer Game Solution

Since the game’s early access release in July 2020, Grounded has been nothing but a success story. The game was lauded for its unique approach to survival genre, creativity, and innovation. However, many issues have been around since the EA launch and haven’t really been completely fixed. For example, even today, many players are receiving the annoying Grounded “Hosting Game Error” message when they try to host the game. The error message reads: “There was an issue hosting a multiplayer game. Check your connection and try again.”

So, why is this happening, and what can be done to fix it? We will be perfectly frank with you here. There’s not much you can do. This has been a well-known issue for the PC version of the game since its launch, and it’s still periodically troubling gamers. Hence, the issue most likely has nothing to do with you. Rather, it’s on the developers to fix it. Nevertheless, if you want to make sure that the problem has nothing to do with you, you can perform some basic troubleshooting steps.

Check Your Internet Connection

This may seem obvious and patronizing, but you need a reliable and fast Internet connection to play multiplayer games like Grounded. Check if your Internet is working well and without any interruptions. Try your other online games and see if they run smoothly. If possible, always use a wired connection instead of a WiFi network. WiFi networks can be unstable and cause the hosting game error in Grounded.

Reboot Your Network Device

A common reason for slow or unstable Internet is a problem with your router or other device that connects you to the network. You can try to solve this by power cycling your router. This means turning it off and on again. Here are the steps to do it. You can also reset your router to its original settings and update its software. This can help with errors in the router settings or outdated software. For more help, you can reach out to your Internet provider or router maker.

  • Turn off your router.
  • Unplug it from an electrical outlet.
  • Leave it unplugged for around 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Plug it back in and turn it on.

Port Forward Your Router for Grounded

If you are having issues while hosting a game in Grounded, you might nee to do perform port forwarding. Check out this guide for more details on how to do that.

Whitelist Grounded in Your Antivirus and Firewall Apps

Ensure that Grounded is whitelisted in your antivirus and firewall apps. The security apps on your PC need to be sure that Grounded is a trusted app before allowing it to go online. Otherwise, it can interfere when the game tries to host a game for other, which can result in the Grounded Hosting Game Error.

Release and Renew your IP & Flush your DNS to Fix Grounded Hosting Game Error

Our last resort asks for a bit more technical knowledge on your side, but it is often proven to be a great solution for connection issues. However, if you follow the process below, you might be able to fix the Grounded Hosting Game Error completely. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. While on the desktop, press Windows Key and type CMD.
  2. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  3. Type ipconfig /release in the command prompt and press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard.
  4. Wait a few seconds for a reply that the IP address has been released.
  5. Type ipconfig /renew in the command prompt and press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard.
  6. Wait a few seconds for a reply that the IP address has been re-established.
  7. Type ipconfig /flushdns in the command prompt and press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard.
  8. Close the command prompt and attempt to make a connection.
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