Snow Sugar Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

If you want to know what the best Snow Sugar Cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom are, and whether the Snow Sugar Cookie is any good, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to show you what we believe to be is the best build for Snow Sugar Cookie and explain what their role in the party is. After that, we’ll discuss whether they’re a worthwhile addition to your group. Let’s get into it!

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snow sugar cookie toppings cookie run kingdom
Snow Sugar Cookie Toppings Cookie Run Kingdom

Best Toppings for Snow Sugar Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Before we dive into the best toppings and build for Snow Sugar Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, let’s first talk about what their general deal is. Their position is in the middle of the party, and they’re a Magic-type cookie. Their skill is called Blizzard, where Snow Sugar summons the Snow King with their wand. The Snow King creates a snow storm that deals periodic area damage, lowers enemies’ ATK SPD and applies the Frost debuff (50% chance with each hit).

So, with all of that said, what is the best build for Snow Sugar Cookie? Considering that they are a DPS character, you should go with five Swift Chocolate. The idea is to use Snow Sugar’s skill as many times as possible. Searing Raspberry is also a decent choice to raise their ATK, but I definitely recommend going for the Chocolate.

Is Snow Sugar Cookie Good?

Okay, so those are the best toppings for Snow Sugar Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, but are they actually any good? Well… that depends entirely on what other DPS characters you have. In our Cookie Run tier list, we’ve put them in Tier D, because there are many, many other DPS cookies that blow Snow Sugar out of the water. But if you’re just starting out, this cookie is going to serve you really well until you pull someone better. And now that Snow Sugar Cookie has a Magic Candy, which makes the Snow King even stronger, that makes them an even more useful character.

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