GTA San Andreas Cheats on Xbox One Not Working

GTA San Andreas has launched as part of the GTA Definitive Edition, though some of the classic cheats are not working on Xbox One. For fans of the original games, this can be a hard pill to swallow. Cheats made the game extremely enjoyable. Very often, they could catapult your criminal empire into legendary status in no time. Read on as we discuss why the cheats are not working on Xbox One.

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GTA San Andreas Cheats on Xbox One Not Working
GTA San Andreas Cheats on Xbox One Not Working

The Definitive GTA Trilogy includes three games that cemented the franchise’s reputation. This includes GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. Before this, GTA games had been using a top-down view. Starting with GTA III, they took the criminal concept and gave it a third-person perspective. Along with a host of media controversy about the content, it became one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time. Thus, it is no wonder Rockstar decided to do a definitive edition.

GTA Definitive Edition Cheats Not Working

Each one has had a graphical upgrade. The new games use Unreal Engine for this. For technical reasons, not all the cheats worked when on this platform. Thus, if you had a list of cheats you were waiting to try from the original San Andreas, some of them won’t work because they are not included.

In true Rockstar fashion, they are not telling which work and which don’t. There are a few cheats that we have worked out ourselves. Max muscle works, as do some of the locked wanted level cheats.

A brand-new feature in all three games are achievements. These were not a concept when the game’s first got a release back in their heyday. Each game will have around 50 achievements each for you to play and unlock.  The GTA Definitive Edition including San Andreas is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

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  1. P
    patrick demyk commisso

    I tried a lot of cheats for my game but none seem to be working it’s definitely odd tbh because this we listed could there be some kind of glitch pls if someone can get back to me on this one ☝️

    1. S
      STEVE T

      They don’t work for me either…

  2. B
    Brian P Underhill

    Yeah totally blows

  3. U

    Only full muscles works

  4. U

    I read something about how to press RB an LB respectly press

  5. H

    they are not working for me either it is fustrating anyone know why they are not working.

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