How to Enable & Disable Survival Mode Skyrim

How to enable and disable survival mode in Skyrim is essential if you want the full Tamriel experience. This is a new feature introduced for the 10th Anniversary Edition of the game. Characters now face illness and fatigue. However, for some players, it is proving troublesome to activate. Read on as we discuss how to enable & disable survival mode in Skyrim.

How to Enable & Disable Survival Mode Skyrim
How to Enable & Disable Survival Mode Skyrim

Survival mode is a huge new feature, making your time in Tamriel even more realistic. Players will now suffer fatigue and illness. Thus, you need to rest and feed them. If not, your stats begin to deplete. This makes getting a good rest and carrying food even more important. To add more realism, the mode disables any fast travel. This means you have to traverse the harsh environments in real-time.

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The mode will not be available until you have completed the tutorial and done the first quest. Escape execution, leave the cave and a prompt should appear. You can then turn this on.

Should you want to turn this feature on later, visit the system menu. Enter settings, click on gameplay and go into survival mode. You can enable this on any difficulty setting.

Skyrim Survival Mode Not Working

If you are unable to activate Survival Mode on the anniversary edition, there have been some problems. People have reported that it is not available in settings and that they don’t get the prompt when starting out. The team at Bethesda does know about this according to their Twitter account. This suggests they are working on a fix, but one has yet to be given. Steam owners have a patch available to download which may fix the problem.

If you own the special version of the game that came out in 2016, you should get this mode as a free update. Anyone else will have to buy the title at full price. It is available on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles along with PC.

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