Halo Reach I'm Sorry Dave - Hidden Binary Signature Location

I’m Sorry Dave is one of the achievements in Halo Reach. The description says it’s unlocked by finding a hidden binary signature somewhere in the game. It’s actually a ruse – you won’t have to look very far, but you might miss it easily and repeatedly. If you want to unlock it as soon as possible without wracking your brain, our Halo Reach I’m Sorry Dave achievement guide will show you where to find the hidden binary signature location.

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halo reach i'm sorry dave achievement
Halo Reach I’m Sorry Dave – Hidden Binary Signature Location

Where to find hidden binary signature?

The hidden binary signature is actually not hidden, and you won’t have to go anywhere in order to look for it. It is printed out on the visor of your helmet, and you can see it when you zoom in with a weapon that doesn’t have a scope – it’s a string of ones and zeroes in the lower left corner. Keep it scoped for a few seconds, and the achievement will pop up. When you put the string into a binary translator, it’ll turn into the word “Dave”, which is the name of one of the interface designers who worked on the game way back in olden times.

It’s a pretty clever gag, when you thing about it. You’d never assume “finding” something involves looking so close to yourself – everyone presumes it’s written on a wall or an object in one of the missions. Also, the visor scope is the most rarely used of all the scopes – a lot of people don’t even realize they can zoom in without a scoped weapon.

Other causes of confusion in the newly released PC version of Halo Reach include the process of changing your in-game name, getting the robotic arm like the one Kat has, as well as unlocking armor customization.

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