Halo Reach Robotic Arm Unlock - How to Get Robot Arm

Robotic arm is a piece of equipment in Halo Reach. It’s a prosthetic robot arm, like the one Kat has. A lot of people have seen it on other players in multiplayer, and are wondering whether they can get one for themselves. The answer is yes. If you’re wondering exactly what you need to do to get one, this guide will show you how to unlock robotic arm in Halo Reach, so you can become a cool cyborg warrior as well.

halo reach unlock robotic arm
Halo Reach Robotic Arm Unlock – How to Get Robot Arm

How to unlock robotic arm?

In order to unlock the robotic arm, you’ll have to level up sufficiently and have enough cash on hand. First of all, you’ll need to reach the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Once you do, head to the armory and select the chest piece. Buy the newly unlocked Collar/Breacher. If you scroll down, you’ll see another one has appeared in the list. It’s called the Collar/Breacher [R], and it’s worth 75000 credits. That’s the one you’re looking for – buy that, and you’ll get a robotic arm that’s just like Kat’s.

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There are two more chest pieces that come with prosthetic arms, but they’re further up the tier list. There’s the HP/Parafoil [R], which unlocks after you’ve reached the rank of Colonel and bought the appropriate basic version. It costs 175000 credits. The second one is called Assault/Sapper [R], and it’s even harder to obtain. You’ll need to be a General in order to unlock it, and if you decide to buy it, be prepared to spend a dazzling 250000 credits on it.

It’s far from unattainable, and it doesn’t require any particular effort, but you’ll have to put in the time. Getting to the required rank takes a lot of time, and saving up the cash also might be a problem, especially if you want to buy other stuff as well.

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