Halo Reach Split Screen on PC - Is Splitscreen Available?

If you’ve bought Halo Reach, chances are, you’re interested in multiplayer. The single player campaign is OK, but the meat of the matter is the multiplayer. On console, you could play either online or locally, using split screen. A number of players have been wondering about the splitscreen function on PC, and whether it will be making an appearance. Our Halo Reach split screen on PC guide will answer any questions you might have about it.

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halo reach split screen pc
Halo Reach Split Screen on PC – Is Splitscreen Available?

Does Halo Reach have split screen on PC?

Not at the moment. If you look at the Steam store page, you’ll see that local multiplayer isn’t mentioned anywhere. You’ll be able to play online or over LAN, but split screen is not an option. The developers have confirmed the feature won’t be available at launch, but they’re looking into adding it in a future update. No promises were made, though, so don’t get your hopes up.

They probably weren’t expecting people on PC to be interested in this feature, thinking they’d prefer to play using a keyboard and mouse. However, a surprising number of people online have been claiming they’re going to be playing Halo Reach using a gamepad. If that’s the case, splitscreen would make much more sense.

We’re hoping that adding the feature back in won’t be too much work – after all, the console versions did allow you to play with others on the same device. On the other hand, computers are so ubiquitous these days that there isn’t that much difference between local coop and playing over LAN. Since the system requirements are pretty lax, even a low-end laptop should be able to run it with no issues, albeit with lowered graphical settings. The only major difference is that every player would have to own their own copy of the game.

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