Heal Inactive Operators & Injuries Rainbow Six Extraction

Learning how to heal inactive operators and injuries in Rainbow Six Extraction is one of the keys to being successful in this game. Since the game is intentionally really difficult, the process of gaining health back is rough, too. The system has caused some confusion among the players base, so that’s why we’ve written this guide to show you how to heal injured and inactive operators in R6 Extraction.

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heal inactive operators & injuries rainbow six extraction
Heal Inactive Operators & Injuries Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Heal Injured & Inactive Operators in R6 Extraction

To heal injured and inactive operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, or injuries in R6 Extraction, all you really have to do is complete incursions with other operators. Basically, you need to earn XP, because as you earn experience, you also get a commensurate amount of squad health back. The game calls it Roster Health, but same difference. So, it’s gonna take a while before critically injured or downed operators get to see action again. Then again, that’s kinda the point – this is the game’s way to nudge you towards experimenting with different characters and builds. Obviously, you can speed the process up by playing incursions on higher difficulties, since that earns you more XP. The trade-off is that you risk losing other operators more easily, so do be careful.

So, that’s how you heal injuries and inactive operators in Rainbow Six Extractions, or injured operators in R6 Extraction, if you prefer. Now, there is a way to heal during the incursion itself, as we’ve covered in our How to Self Heal in Rainbow Six Extraction guide. However, those are not permanent, as they’re just health boosts. Their effect goes away after a certain time, and always go away upon extraction. The only way to permanently heal your operators is to let them rest and earn XP via completing incursions with other operators. I know that’s probably gonna miff some of you, but, well, that’s the nature of the game. If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the horrific, alien-infested depths. It’s one of those games that really likes to grind you into a fine powder.

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