Hellforge Ember Diablo 3, How to Use and Farm Hellforge Embers

Season 25 of Diablo 3 is underway and with – a brand new system that you can use to make your characters even more powerful. The system in question refers to Soul Shards. These special Soulstones are based on the seven Lords of Hell, and work as socketable items. The Prime Evil Soul Shards can be socketed into helms, and the Lesser Evil Soul Shards into weapons. You can upgrade each Soul Shard three times, using Hellforge Embers. Since these embers are a very important consumable this Season, our Hellforge Ember Diablo 3, How to Use and Farm Hellforge Embers guide will tell you everything you need to know about them.

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Hellforge Ember Diablo 3, How to Use and Farm Hellforge Embers

How to Use Hellforge Ember Diablo 3 Season 25

The description for this item states that: “Hephasto would twist the souls used as catalysts in his forge. The remaining coals carry the mark of their torment.” Once you have gotten a Hellforge Ember in your inventory, using it to upgrade a Soul Shard is simple. All you need to do in order to upgrade the Soul Shard is to select a Hellforge Ember and then use it on a Soul Shard you want to upgrade with it. The Hellforge Ember will be spent and will disappear, while the Soul Shard will be upgraded to the next level.

Diablo 3 Hellforge Ember Farming

Hellforge Embers can drop from any game mode, but have the best chance of dropping from GR75 and upwards. The Hellforge Ember drops seem to increase significantly after that. This is by far the most reliable way to farm Hellforge Embers, but if other methods do crop up in the meantime, your best bet is to keep an eye out on the Reddit discussion concerning this. It is here that players are talking about and analyzing the best ways to do this, so if any other way to maximize this does appear – they will no doubt be the first to know about it.

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