Soul Shards Diablo 3, Get and Upgrade Soul Shards Season 25

Knowing how to get and upgrade Diablo 3 Season 25 Soul Shards is going to be pretty important if you want to enjoy the new content “properly.” Soul Stones are basically new items that you can farm and equip and power up to unlock all sorts of different interesting effects. I can definitely see how this is going to freshen the gameplay up. So, here’s how you can get the Soul Shards and upgrade them.

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soul shards diablo 3 get and upgrade soul shards season 25
Soul Shards Diablo 3, Get and Upgrade Soul Shards Season 25

How to Get Soul Shards Diablo 3 Season 25

To get the Diablo 3 Season 25 Soul Shards, you basically just need to play the game. They can drop from anything and anywhere, even before you reach level 70, so that’s not a big worry. However, the Soul Shards don’t grow on trees; your best bet will be farming Act Bosses and Rift Guardians. Act Bosses apparently guarantee a Soul Shard drop, as detailed below.

  • Act I – Essence of Anguish
  • Act II – Dregs of Lies
  • Act III – Fragment of Destruction and Stain of Sin (50% chance to drop either both or none)
  • Act IV – Remnant of Pain and Sliver of Terror (50% chance to drop either both or none)
  • Act V – Shard of Hatred

Two things to keep in mind here. Three Soul Shards (Fragment of Destruction, Shard of Hatred, Sliver of Hatred) only goes in Helms, and four (Dregs of Lies, Essence of Anguish, Remnant of Pain, Stain of Sin) can only go into Weapons. Also, you can only have two of them equipped at any time; one in your Helm, one in your Weapon.

How to Upgrade Soul Shards Diablo 3

To upgrade Diablo 3 Soul Shards in Season 25, you need Hellforge Embers. You just use these on Soul Shards to unlock their higher ranks. Soul shards can have up to three ranks above Rank 0. Every one of them comes with a unique legendary power at their base rank. The further two ranks will unlock new sets of properties, with the ultimate rank will grant you a new, random legendary power. Mind you, you can’t reroll whatever extra powers / properties you get from increasing the rank of your Soul Shards, so if you’re unhappy with the results, you’ll unfortunately have to start over, as far as we can tell.

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