Hello Neighbor 2 Safe Code Solution

Looking for the Hello Neighbor 2 Safe Code solution? You’ve come to the right place! The sequel to the popular stealth horror puzzle game is here! And just like the first game, it combines intense sneaking and puzzle solving. One of the first puzzles on Day 1 will require players to crack a safe in the house. This guide will teach you how to open the safe in Hello Neighbor 2.

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Hello Neighbor 2 Safe Code Solution
What is the safe code in Hello Neighbor 2?

How to Open Safe in Hello Neighbor 2

The Day 1 Safe Code puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2 might feel quite daunting if you don’t know what to do at first glance. However, once you actually know what you need to do, you’ll see that it’s a rather easy puzzle. So, where to find clues for this puzzle? In order to solve the safe puzzle, you’ll have to look for colourful number cubes for kids! There are four of them scattered around the house, and these four numbers combined will give the safe code solution!

The first cube with the number “8” on it is right next to the safe. The second cube is on the left of a huge green couch. That one is a red cube with the number “1”. You will find the blue cube inside a toilet in the house’s bathroom. That one has the number “9” printed on it. Finally, the fourth cube is inside the fridge. Open the fridge, move the only plate inside it, and the cube will be behind it. This cube is ocher (or maybe orange/yellow?) and has the number “4” on it.

These four numbers represent the safe code. Now the next question is, in which order? For that, you’ll have to put the cubes on the shelf right above the safe, with some colourful decorations attached below it, to learn the exact order. The colours of the decoration correspond to the colours of the cube. And now we have the Hello Neighbor 2 Safe Code Solution – 1984.

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