Hi-Fi Rush Beat Heat Tutorial Bug Fix

Hi-Fi Rush is a highly energetic and fun action-adventure rhythm game. Like every rhythm-based game, the key to is to follow the beat and perform actions in sync with it. Though, sometimes problems can arise due to this system. Take the Nail the Beat Heat party bug you can experience in the tutorial section of the game. For some players, they can’t seem to progress past this section, as the game refuses to let them advance further, even though they have managed to do what the game asks them to. So is there a way to fix this Hi-Fi Rush Beat Heat Tutorial bug? Well, there are several things you can try to resolve this on your end, and we are going to list all of them right here.

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Hi-Fi Rush Beat Heat Tutorial Bug Fix
Hi-Fi Rush Beat Heat Tutorial Bug Fix

How to Fix Beat Heat Tutorial Bug in Hi-Fi Rush

This happens once you encounter 808 and need to do the Nail the Beat Heat training. You need to time your hit in sync with the flashing circle. The problem is that, even if you seemingly do this correctly, the game doesn’t register that you have actually done it. And you can’t move forward until you have done it to the game’s satisfaction. So what can you do to fix this? The problem seems to be most common for players that are playing on the Cloud. So turn off the Low Latency Input option and try again to see if it works as intended now.

If this hasn’t done the trick, you can also try adjusting the video sync in the game options, and also to turn off Nvidia Reflex. Likewise, if you are playing the game via TV, you can also see if you have turned off similar options there. As far as we can see, this is down to input lag, and turning off options that are associated with it should do the trick and allow you to complete this section of the Tutorial without further issues. And if you have figured out another way to resolve this bug, then please share your method with us in the comments.

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    I tried everything here and it didn’t work. I was playing on hard mode and I changed to normal and so far it worked. Maybe it does for someone to. God luck XD.

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    I have a similar bug but in the end game, when I lower kale’s first life bar and I have to block and dodge, I always miss even if I do it well, I don’t even lose life and I can be there infinitely, it sucks to be in the end of the game and not being able to do anything

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