Hidden in a Hot Place Disney Dreamlight Valley

Hidden in a Hot Place in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a part of the A Prince in Disguise quest, in which you have to find three key pieces and bring it back to Beast. These pieces are hidden in a hot place, hidden where the silence roars, and hidden in a thorny place. The third part is by far the easiest; the other two can be a problem. Even when you figure out whee the hot place is, you will most likely not to know what to do with it. Well, let’s figure it out!

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hidden in a hot place disney dreamlight valley
Hidden in a Hot Place Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Hidden in a Hot Place Location

To find one of three key pieces in the Disney Dreamlight Valley A Prince in Disguise quest, you have to find it in a hot place. Neat, where’s that? Well, we’ll start from the room in the west wing where Beast is standing next to the rose in the jar. With your back to the rose, you’ll see two doors; one on the left, and one on the right. You want to go through the door on the right and down the wooden staircase. On the left is a door that leads straight into the library. What’s the centerpiece of the whole room? That’s right, the fireplace, aka a hot place. But how do you get the key from it? By taking out your watering can and pour some water on the fire. It will then spit out the key piece, so pick it up.

disney dreamlight valley hidden in a hot place location
Pour water on the fire

And there you go, that’s how you find the key piece hidden in a hot place in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The other two pieces are in a place where silence roars and in a thorny place. For the former, we have a separate guide that you can check out, but long story short, you need to crack open one of the stone lions in front of the rose room using your pickax. That would be the door opposite from the one you take to get to the library. As for the latter, as we cover in the same guide, head to the hedge maze in the back of the castle. There’s a lamp post in the middle, surrounded by roses. There’s a naked patch of earth right below the post, so dig it out.

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