Uproot the Forgotten, Forgetting Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you are not sure how to Uproot the Forgotten in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are not alone. The next major patch, called the Enchanted Adventure Update, has just dropped. One of the new features is the new Haunted Holiday Star Path, with quite a few strange duties. Here’s how you Uproot the Forgetting for this Star Path duty.

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Uproot the Forgotten, Forgetting Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Uproot the Forgotten in Disney Dreamlight Valley

UPDATE: The original story has proven to be wrong. What you actually need to do is to remove Night Thorns 30 times. Uproot the Forgetting means removing Night Thorns around the Valley. Do this in order to complete this Star Path duty.

At the time of writing, which is September 13th, it is simply not possible to complete the “Uproot the Forgotten” duty. The reason is rather simple. Namely, this duty is tied to the Forgotten quest. However, as it has been confirmed by developers over at the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord server, the questline will begin on September 20, 2023, at the earliest.

However, that’s only for those players who complete the whole main story questline from the Enchanted Adventure Update. Namely, the quest will always kick off one week after you finish the main story of the Enchanted Adventure update. For example, if you finish the story on September 15th, the quest will start on September 22nd.

Hence, to summarize. In order to complete the “Uproot the Forgetting”, you will need to commence the Forgotten quest line. For that, you will first need to complete the main story quest line for Belle and the Beast. Once you complete the main story quest, the Forgotten will kick off exactly seven days from that moment. Finally, that’s when you will be able to complete the “Uproot the Forgotten” duty. So there you have it. That’s all we currently know about the “Uproot the Forgetting” task in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once we unlock the Forgotten quest, we will share more details.

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