Hippomelon Value Pet Simulator X

As every Pet Sim X player knows, your pets are everything in this game. Because of that, new ones are being added to it all the time. One such recent pet is none other than the Hippomelon. As its name suggests, this pet is a cross between a hippo and a watermelon. Due to its fetching design and the complicated method used to get it, it is a very valuable pet. So if you were wondering what is the exact value of the Hippomelon in Pet Simulator X, so that you know what to buy or sell it for, and also how you can acquire it in PSX, then this guide is here to help.

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Hippomelon Value Pet Simulator X
Hippomelon Value Pet Simulator X

Pet Sim X Hippomelon Value

Like with all other pets in PSX, the value of the Hippomelon depends on the variant that you want to buy or sell. So let’s start with the Normal Hippomelon, which is valued at 700 Million Diamonds. Next, the Shiny Hippomelon is worth 2.8 Billion Diamonds. The Normal Hardcore Hippomelon is 14 Billion Diamonds, the Golden Hardcore Hippomelon is 42 Billion Diamonds, Rainbow Hardcore Hippomelon is 168 Billion Diamonds, and finally the Dark Matter Hardcore Hippomelon is 560 Billion Diamonds.

Of course, we have to point out how these values work. Namely, all of these prices change all the time. They do this according to how sought after and hard to get the pet in question is. And, as we’ll see in our next section, the Hippomelon is pretty difficult to acquire.

How to Get Hippomelon in Pet Simulator X

The only way you could have gotten the Hippomelon in PSX was during the April Fool’s Event. As the event has long since passed, this leaves the only other method of acquiring it by trading for it with another player that has managed to get it.

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