The Mageseeker Can't Equip Unchained Skins Bug Fix

If you can’t equip skins in The Mageseeker A League of Legends Story, you should know that there’s an easy solution for it! The Mageseeker has just been released as the latest game in the “A League of Legends Story” series. Published by Riot Forge, these games explore the League of Legends universe through different genres and visual styles. This guide explains how to equip Unchained Skins in The Mageseeker.

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The Mageseeker Can't Equip Unchained Skins Bug Fix

How to Fix Can’t Equip Unchained Skins Bug in The Mageseeker A League of Legends Story

Developed by Digital Sun, the creators of Moonlighter, The Mageseeker A League of Legends Story is a beautiful 2D pixel art action hack-and-slash RPG. We play as Sylas, whom League of Legends players know as one of many heroes in the MOBA. In The Mageseeker, we follow his story as he frees himself from years in captivity and tries to rise a rebellion against the Mageseekers’ tyranny and liberate Demacia. Both the game and Sylas himself already look gorgeous, but the game provides additional options for those who want to earn some extra style points.

Namely, if you have bought The Mageseeker Deluxe Edition, you will receive three extra skins for Sylas. The same goes for the Unchained Skins Pack DLC. These three skins are:

  • Crimson Sylas Skin
  • Fallen Sylas Skin
  • Prismatic Sylas Skin

However, some players are not exactly sure how to equip these skins. Firstly, you should know that all three skins will unlock after the Sacred Woods mission. Only then will you be able to equip them. You can do that via the Settings menu. Another important thing to note is that these skins are only for Sylas’s Unchained Mode. Hence, they will not appear on the “base” version of Sylas. That said, our guide is completed. If you have any other issues, ask us in the comments!

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