Hitman 3 Acquire Admin Privileges - Server Room

Acquire admin privileges in Hitman 3 server room in Dubai is basically a side mission, where you need to get administrative privileges by finding the server room keycard. After you do that, there’s still a minor puzzle that you have to solve with the help of a very vague hint. As is the case with all such activities in Hitman 3, this can get a little hairy. I don’t blame anyone if you get stuck here. So, here’s our Hitman 3 Acquire Admin Privileges – Server Room guide to help you out.

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hitman 3 acquire admin privileges server room
Hitman 3 Acquire Admin Privileges – Server Room

How to Acquire Admin Privileges in Hitman 3 Server Room in Dubai?

To acquire admin privileges for the server room in Hitman 3, you have to get the Server Room Keycard, carried by an employee. From the server room itself, go through the door marked Maintenance. This will take you to the Maintenance Corridor. There are two maintenance workers in said corridor; a man and a woman. The man has the keycard, but the woman is always somewhere in the vicinity. Plus, she can sometimes see through your disguise, so that’s no good either. We got around this by simply incapacitating both of them and stuffing them into a nearby locker. Not the most elegant solution, but it worked.

However you choose to go about this, make sure to pick up the Server Room Keycard from the guy to get admin privileges in the Hitman 3 server room. Next, head back into the server room and use the keycard on the “pillar” next to the screen that says “Terminal Locked.” The game will then tell you to find what’s different, which is easier said than done. You need to find the server that now has yellow text, and interact with it.That’s random on each playthrough. Once that’s done, you have access to the terminal in the center of the room. From there, you can re-arrange meetings, open elevators, disable cameras, and deposit emergency funds. All of these are pretty useful things, and open up some interesting possibilities for creative assassinations.

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