Hitman 3 Bird of Prey Bug Solution

Bird of Prey is one of the story missions in Hitman 3. It takes place in Dubai, and if you decide to pursue it, you’ll get to pose as a hired assassin – no, another hired assassin – in order to get close to Carl Ingram. One of the steps requires you to bring his assistant a photo of a target you dispatched, but a lot of folks are having trouble with it. There’s a bug that’s preventing them from handing over the photo, so the quest doesn’t progress beyond that point. If you’re stuck here, our Hitman 3 Bird of Prey bug solution guide will show you what to do.

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Hitman 3 Bird of Prey Bug Solution

How to solve Bird of Prey bug?

After you’ve dealt with the journalist, you’ll have to take a picture of his body and bring it back to the assistant/receptionist. After you hand it to her, she’s supposed to take you to Ingram again. However, a lot of folks are encountering a bug here.

Many players have reported giving her the photo, after what she just keeps standing behind the desk. Even after announcing she’s going to take you to the penthouse, she doesn’t move from her spot. Thankfully, the solution is rather simple.

Your objective isn’t to follow her, but to get to the meeting. Simply go up to the penthouse on your own and talk to the man – this will progress the quest as if the assistant lead you there herself.

hitman 3 bird of prey bug solution

There’s also another, rarer bug, in which you can’t even hand the photo to her. This one’s a bit more serious, as it does break progression through this quest. The only solution we’ve heard of is to restart the mission – it’s far from ideal, but at least it’s something. You can either restart right away, or complete the mission another way, if you’ve already made progress on another front.

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  1. K

    I unfortunately got the rare bug where I can’t take the pic to her. Says not allowed to frisk and I can’t change the disguise.

    1. M

      You Just need to drop all things labelled illegal. Then you can get frisked and continue the mission.

      1. N

        It still doesn’t work, dropped everything and only have the camera

  2. J

    Go into the maintenance room behind her. Turn on the vacuum and hide in the locker. Either person will walk back out. And then talk to the woman

  3. J

    I’ve got this bug where she just stands there, but when I run on ahead I get into the penthouse, the mission fails and they all turn hostile.

    1. J
      James Hadley

      Same issue here, but it’s only the bottom floor of the penthouse that’s marked as hostile. If you go to the right of the door, you can hop over the railings, climb up a pipe, vault over the top and then go and talk to Ingram in his office. Easy peasy!

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