Hitman 3 Door Codes, Keypad & Safe Combinations

Door codes, keypad and safe combinations in Hitman 3 are different numerical codes that you have to discover in order to unlock certain things in the game. More often than not, doing so will unlock access to one of the mission objectives, or to a different way to approach an assassination, etc. So, figuring out the safe and door code combinations in Hitman 3 is always a good idea; your work will never go to waste. That being the case, here’s our Hitman 3 Keypad Door Codes & Safe Combinations guide to help you out, including Dubai Keypad, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, Carpathian Mountains.

hitman 3 door codes & safe combinations
Hitman 3 Door Codes & Safe Combinations
  1. Dubai Keypad Door Code & Safe Combinations
  2. Dartmoor Door Code & Safe Combinations
  3. Berlin Door Kepad Code & Safe Combinations
  4. Chongqing Door Code & Safe Combinations
  5. Mendoza Door Keypad Code & Safe Combinations
  6. Carpathian Mountains Door Code & Safe Combinations

Hitman 3 Dubai Keypad Door Codes & Safe Combinations

#1 Staff Meeting Room & Atrium Door Code
To find the Hitman 3 safe combinations and door codes in Dubai, there are several places that you’ll have to look. First off, there’s the code for the door on Floor 00. You can find it on a whiteboard in the meeting room in Level 00. The code is 4706, if you don’t feel like scoping out the area.

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#2 Second & Third Floor Safe Combination
Then, there’s the safe on the third floor, in the Security Room. The code to this safe is 6927. When you open it, you’ll find the Evacuation Keycard. You can use those in the penthouse on Floor 4 and 5 and cause an evacuation. Could be useful, depending on how you plan to execute the assassination.

#3 Penthouse Guest Room Safe Combination
Last, but not least, the penthouse guest room safe combination is 7465. The room itself is on the second floor of the penthouse, to the left of the stairs, at the end of the walkway. To open the door, though, you’ll need either a lockpick or the Penthouse Key, which is also on the second floor.

Dartmoor Hitman 3 Safe Combination Code Location

#1 Carlisle Office Safe Combination
The Hitman 3 Dartmoor safe combination code hint location is right above the safe, which is in the office of Alexa Carlisle on the second floor. Go to her chair and find the hidden button. Pressing it will reveal the safe behind a picture. There are four symbols above the safe – a clock, a telescope, fire, and a moose. Now, if you want to do the legwork, you can go around the place and find these four objects, then look for the numbers on the walls near them. To save you the effort – the code should be 1975. Inside the safe, you’ll find the Case File.

Hitman 3 Berlin Door & Safe Codes – Where to Find

As far as we can tell, there are no door codes or safe combinations in the Berlin level of Hitman 3. It’s possible that we might have missed something, of course. If that is the case, by all means, let us know in the comments below. Of course, do try and be civil about it.

#1 Rolf Hirschmuller’s Office Safe Combination
UPDATE: As a bunch of you lovelies have been telling us in the comments (huge thanks to all of you!), there is, in fact, a safe you can find in Berlin. It is on Level -2, in Rolf Hirschmuller’s office, in the biker area. The code is the year the Berlin wall fell, according to the tech staff standing outside the office and planning to loot the safe. For those unfamiliar with history, the year, and code, is 1989.

Chongqing Door and Safe Code Combination Hitman 3 Locations

#1 ICA Facility Container, Apartment, Laundromat Door Code
The first door code combination in Hitman 3 Chongqing is the one for the container door to the ICA Facility Entrance. Stay and eavesdrop on the conversation, and they’ll basically tell you what the code is while one of them enters it and says it out loud. It’s 0118. Incidentally, the same code should also open the door in the ICA apartment on the second floor, where the P41 Form is, as well as the door to the laundromat on the floor below.

#2 Private Lab Therapy Room & Benchmark Lab Door Code The second door code in Chongqing in Hitman 3 that you have to know about is 2552. This one opens the Benchmark Lab on the fourth floor (where Hush is), as well as the Therapy Room in Hush’s Private Lab and the door in the Arcade on Floor 00. You can get this code by going to the top floor and finding it on the whiteboard, if you want to do this the “legit” way.

Mendoza Hitman 3 Where to Find Safe and Door Combinations?

#1 Laser System Door Code
The door code combination in Hitman 3 Mendoza, aka the one that you need to shut down the laser grid and access the Wine Fridge is 1945. The grid is on Floor 1 of the Wine Cellar, where the Sommelier is. There are two ways to discover this code. You can overhear the guard talking to the Sommelier, and they’ll mention that the code is the year World War II ended. Alternatively, you can take a look at the wine label – 1945 Grand Paladin.

#2 Villa Basement Safe Combination
As for the safe in the villa basement, the code is 2006. There’s intel inside the safe, and opening it will also complete a challenge. As a result, getting the code is actually quite interesting, like a riddle that you need to solve. First, you have to overhear the guards outside the villa, who mention that the code is the couple’s wedding year. Inside the villa, you’ll find a calendar on the wall, letting you know it’s 2021, and that the couple is celebrating their crystal anniversary, aka their fifteenth anniversary. So, we subtract 15 from 2021, and we get 2006.

Carpathian Mountains Door Code Location Hitman 3

#1 Door Code
The door code location in Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains is right at the start of the mission, to the left of the door. You can spot it quite easily, on the poster. If you don’t feel like doing even that amount of work, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The code should be 1979.

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  1. L

    In the third mission there is a safe on the lower level where there is the bikers crib, near the dj set.

  2. K

    Berlin has a keypad in the basement where Rolf Hirschmuller is i dont know what the code is though ive been looking all over the internet for it but no one has seemed to find it.

    1. B

      I just try 3 codes for the Berlin’s safe and it seems to be 1989, I’m a genius

    2. O
      O K

      that safe in Hirschmuller’s office in the biker area, is the exact reason i came here,but i still havent seen any info on it. my best guess based on the other safe codes, would be it being a year propably no earlier then the 1960s or 70s and no later then 2021, if you want to start guessing

    3. A

      Safe code is 1989. Credit goes to Reddit user.

    4. T

      You can hear two tech staff (1 male and female) outside the door discussing to steal from the safe. The female then said the safe code is the year “they brought the (Berlin) Wall down”.

      So the code is 1989!

  3. B

    The code for the keypad in Rolf’s office is 1989. Two technicians outside the office talk about the safe, one of them mentions the code is the year the Berlin Wall fell – 1989

  4. A

    The Berlin safe code is 1989 the year the Berlin Wall fell, some tech ppl talk about trying to open it

  5. J

    There a safe in the lower level off the biker club level -2 in hirschmuoler office

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