I Find This Amoosing Challenge Hitman 3

Hitman 3 I Find This Amoosing challenge is one of the extra activities that you can do in the Dartmoor map. The I Find This Amoosing Challenge in Hitman 3 requires you to drop a specific chandelier covered in moose horns onto your target. Needless to say, this is actually fairly difficult to pull off. That said, it is extremely satisfying when you do. So, to help you out, here’s our I Find This Amoosing Challenge Hitman 3 guide.

i find this amoosing challenge hitman 3
I Find This Amoosing Challenge Hitman 3

How to Complete Hitman 3 I Find This Amoosing Challenge in Dartmoor?

To complete the I Find This Amoosing Dartmoor challenge in Hitman 3, you have to eliminate Alexa Carlisle by dropping the chandelier made of moose horns onto her. What a way to go, as hilarious as the name of the challenge. However, doing this is a bit harder than it seems. First off, you have to know where the chandelier is. It’s hanging in the middle of the Foyer, on Level ) of the mansion. Now, Alexa often “patrols” this area, but never through the middle and under the chandelier. So, you’ll have to lure her. Again, easier said than done.

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The first order of business in the Hitman 3 I Find This Amoosing challenge is to get rid of the guards that are hanging around the foyer, especially around the stairs. Then, head up to the library, and take out the guards standing near the balcony overlooking the foyer and the chandelier. Lastly, you have to dispatch the guard that’s following Alexa around. Good luck. After all that’s done, get up to the aforementioned library balcony, and wait for Alexa to walk close to the middle of the room, as close as possible. Then, toss a coin just under the chandelier.

If you’ve done everything properly, she will walk over to where the coin fell to investigate the noise. All that’s left for you to do is to take out your gun and shoot the cord that’s holding the moose-horned light installation to the ceiling. Assuming you’re fast enough, the chandelier will drop and make Alexa go splat. Not only will this complete the Hitman 3 I Find This Amoosing challenge, but you’ll also get extra points for making the assassination look like an accident. Y’know, despite the unconscious and/or dead guards.

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