Hitman 3 Dubai Keypad & Safe Code

Dubai keypad and safe codes in Hitman 3 are codes that you can use to either access otherwise forbidden areas, as well as open safes and gain access to items that you can find useful. Needless to say, there are several problems here. The first one is figuring out the Dubai Hitman 3 keypad and safe codes, and then finding the locations of the doors and safes. We’re going to help you out with both matters in our Hitman 3 Dubai Keypad & Safe Code guide.

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hitman 3 dubai keypad & safe code
Hitman 3 Dubai Keypad & Safe Code

Hitman 3 Dubai Keypad

The Hitman 3 Dubai keypad door code that you need to commit to memory is 4706. This opens two different doors leading to the staff area. The easiest way to find these doors is to start your mission in the Atrium lobby. Head up the stairs with the purple velvet, and hang a left immediately after reaching the top. Keep walking straight, and you’ll find the door to the staff area on your right. Interact with the keypad and enter the code.

The second door is behind the in the atrium. To get there, from the start of the mission, head up the stairs and proceed forward towards the crowd. Head left, and you’ll find the bar area on the left. Head to the door behind the bar, the one with the plaque that says “Staff Only.” You can unlock it using the same code, 4706. Mind you, if you’re not dressed properly, you might raise a few eyebrows.

Hitman 3 Dubai Safe Code

The first Dubai safe code in Hitman 3 you have to keep in mind is 6927. This one opens the safes in two security rooms, on Level 2 and Level 3. You can unlock either of them, since you get the same thing out of both of them – the Evacuation Keycard. Using it starts the Evacuation Protocol, allowing for a bunch of fun options. The easier one is on Level 2, but remember you’ll need the white uniform with the blue beret to enter. If you do opt for Level 3, you’ll need the black uniform instead. You can find both locations in the pictures below.

The second Hitman 3 safe code in Dubai you need is 7465. This code opens the safe in the penthouse. Mind you, there’s a bunch of security all over the place there, and you have to be super-sneaky and careful to pull of this caper. Inside the safe, you’ll find a tablet that you might find useful.

penthouse safe code location dubai hitman 3
Penthouse safe location
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